About Donsoft

Founded by Donald Whyte

10 years of software development, leadership and training experience. Builds reliable, critical distributed systems and data processing infrastructure from the ground up.

Donald focuses on long-term tech strategy and high-impact results in the quant trading, finance, defence, telecommunication, industrial and property sectors.

23 Projects Delivered
11 Clients Served
500000 Lines of code

Companies Donald Has Worked With


Andy Campbell

Andy Campbell

Technical Sales Advisor at Applied Blockchain

Donald is a commercially focused technologist with extreme attention to detail. I've seen him deliver high-quality software that meets requirements without compromising on development speed.

This combination of high quality and fast development is what sets Donsoft apart from others for me.

Alejandro Saucedo

Alejandro Saucedo

Engineering Director at Seldon

I've worked with Donsoft many times, both on software projects and tech event management.

What impresses me about Donald's work is his consistency. No matter the tech involved or nature of the project, he always puts 100% to deliver a high-quality outcome. His reliability means I'll keep working with him in future.

Henry Miskin

Henry Miskin

Lead Developer at Cytera CellWorks

Donald is an incredible engineer and system architect. We worked with him when delivering a complex project and his involvement was invaluable.

He is outcome oriented, with the technical competence and drive to ensure that results are delivered, be that technical documentation or actual implementation.

Giving Back to the Tech Community

Donsoft's founder, Donald Whyte, frequently takes gives talks at technology conferences to provide free training for developers.

Donald also organises hackathons and maintains a number of open source projects.